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      Art Journal Avenue

      Art Journal Avenue

      "Creating in Croatia" is a digital course from my NEW company, Art Journal Avenue.  This is an 8-week digital course, one module dripped out each week over 8 weeks, full of beautiful footage of different parts of Croatia, packed with excellent art lessons for your art journaling experience, and laced with short language lessons and exclusive interviews with local Croats! PLUS: Bonus materials just for YOU, my VIP, which include a Croatian Cuisine cooking mini-series, a List of off-the-beaten path sites you don't find in blogs or books, and, last but not least, a FREE journal from yours truly...a journal I have designed specifically for this exciting course!

      When I launch this course to the rest of the world, it will go for $497 and it will NOT come with a free journal.  The bonus materials offered to you will be offered to everyone else as "fast-action" bonuses, or as add-ons for additional fees.  The Croatian Cuisine bonus is valued at $150, and the list of exclusive sites in Croatia is valued at $47.  So, in total, you are saving $170 on enrollment in my course, and you are saving $197 in the bonus materials, making it a total of $367 in savings PLUS a free journal!  WOW :) 

      Launch dates are TBD, but please know I'm committed to delivering this course to you in late March or early April!

      Thank you so much for your pre-order of "Creating in Croatia"!  I truly appreciate your support, your loyalty, and your genuine desire to see me thrive in this world.  I am a big fan of YOU, too, and I am ever so grateful to have connected with you and to continue to nurture our friendship. 

      Yours truly, and yours forever in art,

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