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      Want to learn all my secrets about art and travel journaling?  I have a NEW, first-of-its-kind, 8-week digital course beginning this April, 2023, and I cordially invite you to be one of my students!  


      "Mastering the Art of Travel Journaling" is the name, and having inspired fun in your journal is the game!  I took a trip to Croatia to gather inspo and to take an ACTUAL trip so that I may better serve you in this specific area of artfully travel journaling.


      Take it at your own pace or follow the weekly new modules.  Be part of a private, students-only Facebook group for sharing and asking questions.  Learn quick, cool art techniques from the many lessons in each module and use what you've learned in all your future journals--whether you're traveling or not!


      Click HERE to read more about it and decide if it's for YOU!