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      Ordering a custom journal is fun and easy with just 5 steps:

      1.  Let's determine size!  Tell me the purpose of your desired journal, and I can help you decide on the appropriate size for you.
      2.  Then, we choose a paper that best fits your needs (handmade paper or watercolor paper).
      3.  Pick your favorite tan of leather among what I have in stock.
      4.  Choose your design elaborations (metal, key, suede, found objects, etc.).
      5.  After I quote you and you approve your customized, finished journal, submit shipping address and payment! 

      Custom journals typically range between $100 and $450, depending on the details from Steps 1-5.

      Step 1 Choose Your Size 

      choose a size 
      Here, examples are shown of the 8 typical sizes of journals I make. I can create ANY size, however, these sizes tend to serve the majority of the different purposes of journals out there! From left to right, top to bottom:
      TREKKER -- 4" tall by 4" wide (square)
      ROAMING GOAT -- 6" tall by 4" wide
      CHERRY COULEE -- 6" tall by 7.5" wide
      EARTHBOUND -- 7.5" tall by 5.5" wide 
      DEEP ROOTED -- 7.5" tall by 7.5" wide (square)
      TUSCAN EMBER -- 9" tall by 5.5" wide
      THE BLAKE -- 9" tall by 7.5" wide
      EPIC VAQUERO -- 7.5" tall by 9" wide


      Step 2 Choose Your Paper


      paper size
      These are the six different papers I work with, 4 of which are handmade papers, and 2 are different watercolor papers. Of the 4 handmade papers, I have Cream Jute, Moss Green Jute, Brown Jute, and Fern Impression. The 2 watercolor papers are differentiated by their respective textures. Cold press watercolor paper has a slight tooth to it, and hot press has next to no tooth to it, giving it an extremely smooth texture. (Both watercolor papers are suitable for all art mediums!)
      You may choose to have me bind your journal with one type of paper, or, a popular option, have me do a mix throughout the entire journal--YOU select which papers you'd like to include!
      To see a 3-minute video explaining the functional difference between the handmade paper and watercolor paper, click HERE!

      Step 3 Choose Your Leather



      These are the different tans of cowhides I currently have in stock! I have a limited quantity in each color, as I'm always on the lookout for exciting new tans and finishes!
      From left to right, the titles of each of the colors are as follows:
      Cherry Red
      Tuscan Gold
      Moss Green
      Alpine Blue
      Deep Navy Blue
      Russet Pebble
      Chocolate Pebble
      Black Pebble
      Embossed Black
      Hair-on Hide


        Step 4 Choose Your Custom Design

        I have made so many different styles of journals, my friend! I am open to new ideas as well, which I LOVE because it challenges me and helps me grow as an artist. The examples in this pictures are just *some* of the ideas I have to present to you, but as you browse my website or have a convo with me, I can show you a lot more! If you think your design idea is too "bizarre," well, I say TRY ME! I like odd things... From left to right, top to bottom, here are short descriptions of each design element:
        Hardware. I like to use these "clips" that I antique and welding rod that I give a patina to and make them come together as a closure for a journal.
        Etched Metal. I can etch into copper (shown), nickel, and bronze and I can etch almost any design you'd like.
        Suede Flames. I have many different colors of suede, and I love to use it as a "flame" accent to some journals. I have russet (shown), ochre, forest green, turquoise, purple, pink, and chocolate.
        Onion Layers. I love to layer up different natural edges from the hides and celebrate the organic nature of them with this design.
        Antique Key. I purchase all kinds of different antique keys and love to rivet them onto the covers of journals. They do not act as the closing mechanism, but it sure looks that way!
        D Ring Buckle. These come to me bright and shiny, and I hammer a texture and apply a patina to them to make them more interesting-looking. A simple horse-hitch knot around the D Ring closes the journal....very ritualistic!

        Step 5 Finalizing Details

        David Video

        This is one of my quirkiest customers, David, whom I love dearly, and he has given me permission to share this with you. After I quoted him a price for his custom journal, I texted it to him, and then he texted me back a video of his acceptance...and THEN...once I finished his piece, I decided to match his cinematography while presenting it to him!

        Let's YOU and ME have loads of fun in creating YOUR custom journal!

        Here's my contact info:
        Email me at
        Call/text me at 719-431-9186
        Call/text my google number 515-635-5683