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      Gifting a journal to someone tells them that you think they have a beautiful, creative mind. What a compliment! And how thoughtful of you to purchase a handmade Mind's Eye journal to honor that special spirit you're thinking of! Whether they’re a writer, an artist, a traveler, a photographer or a journal-loving fanatic, I’m sure this guide will steer you toward the right journal for your giftee!

      And what’s more…all journals come with FREE custom engraving, FREE gift-wrapping, and FREE shipping!

      for the WRITER

      The eloquent, the prolific, the deep thinker…

      Writing in the journals bound with the handmade papers is a dream!  I use archival, cotton-based paper that disallows inks to feather out or bleed through, and your flow of thought is nice and smooth as you glide along, line by line.  There is a range of sizes from small to large, and there are a number of cover designs as well!  My recommendations for the WRITER are:

      for the ARTIST

      The weirdo, the visionary, the creative genius…

      To be absolutely unlimited in what media you can use on the paper, choose any of the journals that are bound with watercolor paper.  This is the most versatile paper in the world and will serve your every artistic urge, whatever the medium!  Painters, sketchers, collage creators and scrapbookers—you will be thrilled with the performance of this paper!  There are many sizes to choose from, and here is a selection of small, medium and large journals:

      All Artist Journals 

      for the TRAVELER

      The gypsy-footed, the nomad, the roaming wanderer…

      A must-have is a journal while journeying!  To get the most out of traveling light but having enough is to choose among the journals I’ve designed specifically for wayfaring, with a perfect balance between size, weight, and page count.  Among these, both paper types I work with are represented, and to see a short VIDEO about the difference between the two, click HERE.  Choose your favorite among the variety; my favorites are the following:


      for the PHOTOGRAPHER

      The savant, the sojourner, the shutterbug…

      Pausing to capture a moment, a view, an expression or an abstract is an art and a pleasure, and  including the prints of these precious memories in a lovely handmade photo album is part of the fun and the completion of such creative undertakings.  Choose among these specially-crafted albums that are perfectly designed to expand as it encompasses the photographs you desire to mount onto the pages.

      All Photographer Journals 

      or the COLLECTOR

      The connoisseur, the bibliophile, the aficionado…

      This collection of journals is more like a library of Tomes, where each piece has an extra “cool factor” to them. Each one is absolutely unique in that they feature inimitable characteristics that are so stunning and spectacular, one must pause in awe at the timeless, aesthetic appeal they can sense in the visual and tactile qualities of these handmade books. For the ultimate book lovers of the world, I present to you the following such journals:

      All Collector Journals 

      Still aren't finding what you're looking for?

      I am always open to making custom journals.  Custom does not necessarily mean more expensive, it just means more to your (or your giftee's) liking!  Check out your options HERE and design a journal that I'd be delighted to make for you.  The process is easy, and my turn-around time is usually 1 week.  If this is to be an on-time Holiday Gift, we should finalize details on or before December 10th, 2020!