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      Let's Go to Spain Together - Virtually!

      Do you remember that I was an invited instructor for Judith Casel-Mamet's "Sketching Spain" trip to Barcelona and the Costa Brava last year for October 2020?  But since physical travel has not been possible, Judith and her partner in this endeavor, Danny (owner of the bespoke travel agency, Adler & Marlow in Barcelona), have decided to bring adventure travel with art journaling to YOU here online!  They've gone VIRTUAL until we can all travel this very unique kind of way! You can now choose from two online classes - Barcelona and All About Vino. Scroll down to learn more!


      In this online adventure travel and art techniques course, there are 10 complete art lessons and 7 cultural tours to follow in ANY order and at ANY time!  This course brings the culture and history of Barcelona to your eyes in beautifully created videos and walking tours, presented by Danny, while Judith shows you how to put what you see on these gorgeous tours onto your art journal pages with simple, non-intimidating techniques! 


      Sign up with this link!

      Click "Sign Up Now" below to register for Judith & Danny's class.  It's only $129 for the entire course that you can take at the pace that you want in the comfort of your own home!

      Don't forget to invite a friend, too!  Perhaps the two of you can have some virtual fun together in playing around with your art supplies and sharing this exciting adventure!  


      Watch Judith & Danny's Barcelona Video


      The Sketching Spain Journal

      As Judith, Danny and I share a mutual passion for international travel with art-journaling and with our continued desire for collaborations with instructing and guiding tours on physical trips in the future, we are presently co-mingling and promoting together about this project! I've created a whole bunch of journals that are dedicated to the Sketching Spain adventure.

      This is the style of journal that I've made especially and exclusively for students of this Sketching Spain course.  Along with registering for the course, get YOUR journal by simply clicking on the button below.  They are only $79 for you as a student, and shipping is FREE!  

      BUY NOW

      All About Vino

      The brand new All About Vino course includes 30 lessons, equally divided between wine and art. This course aims to demystify the wines of Spain, while simultaneously offering fantastic art journal techniques in the classic Simple Sketch style. ​

      The wine classes cover the main wine regions, grapes and styles, as well as practical information such as how to pick out a bottle in a shop and how to read the label of Spanish wine. This unique virtual experience is for anyone who loves learning about wine and wants to learn simple artistic ways to create a travel journal at the same time.

      Sign up with this link!

      Click "Sign Up Now" below to register for Judith & Danny's class.  It's only $149 for the entire course, all online where you can take it at your own pace.




      Disclaimer: I am an affiliate partner for these Sketching Spain classes, which I love to support. If you use one of the links above to register for a class, I may receive a small commission. I appreciate your support!