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      Sketching Spain


      Who is sponsoring the trip?

      Adler & Marlow LLC is the travel company offering the trip. Sketching Spain is a branch of Adler & Marlow.


      Who will be guiding the trip?

      Danny Adler is the president of Adler & Marlow and lives in Barcelona. He will meet the group at the beginning of the trip to introduce everyone to the private coach driver and the tour guide who will be with the group throughout. Teresa Merriman is the artist who will lead the workshop; she will be offering instruction every day. Students will have access to Teresa and the private guide for the duration of the trip.

      What are the Covid precautions?

      All students must submit proof of vaccination along with the waivers that Adler & Marlow will provide. It is recommended that students travel with N95 masks in case they are required. Rapid Covid tests are available in drugstores, but students might wish to bring one or two. If a student becomes ill, it is expected that you will quarantine at your own expense (a good reason to purchase insurance that covers Covid issues).


      I'm thinking about this trip, but I have never sketched?

      No problem! Please be assured that Teresa will guide you through some simple steps so you can enjoy your time recording the magnificent views on
      the trip, regardless of your previous art journal or drawing experience. With a small group (class is limited to 12 students) there will be plenty of individual instruction.

      Any suggestions for flight arrangements to/from the US?

      Yes, we strongly recommend not booking your flight until you receive notice that the trip has met our minimum number of registrations (6 students). Any reputable travel agent can help you with flight arrangements. It is important to purchase your trip insurance soon after you purchase your air.


      How do I get to and from the Barcelona airport?

      Transport is not included in the Sketching Spain fee but may be arranged with Danny Adler on an individual basis. It is easy to walk to the taxi stand just outside of the airport. The cost of the taxi into town is approx. $40. Since not all taxi drivers speak English, it is a good idea to have your hotel address written out to show the driver.


      I am attending with a friend/spouse, can we share a room or apartment?

      Yes! Both the Hotel Sant Roc (on the Costa Brava) and the apartments in Barcelona can accommodate two people wishing to share a room. However, there is no discount for shared rooms.

      During the free time in either city I'd like to see additional points of interest that I have read about; how will I get around on my own?

      Your private tour guide will set you up for exploration on your own.


      How can I make arrangements to stay in the Barcelona apartment before or after the tour if I wish to arrive a few days early or stay a few days longer?

      You will have the option of extending your visit to Barcelona on either end by booking extra lodging thru Danny directly, depending on availability. Danny can help with hotel or apartment reservations.

      What art materials will I be asked to bring?

      Students will be sent a simple list of art supplies to bring on the trip. We are going to travel light; each student will bring their own materials. Students are encouraged to carry their art materials in a very light day pack. No need to pack a portable stool; we will loan each student a small chair to use during the trip.

      ​Will I have time to do some photography?

      Absolutely! Our sketching time will allow students time to explore the area with their cameras if they prefer. You might consider bringing a small, portable printer designed for use with the iPhone, Teresa will provide information and links with the art material list.

      What will the weather be like (typical October)?

      Typical weather in October for Barcelona and along the Costa Brava includes dry, sunny and mild temperatures with averages ranging from 55° - 70° degrees; perfect! We have planned the itinerary with "plan B" in mind in case of rain. We suggest students bring a small umbrella and light raincoat just in case, but also include a sun hat.

      How will we be traveling from one destination to the next?

      We will be in a private coach while staying on the Costa Brava and during our final day in BCN. The price of the coach is included. Our group metro ride in Barcelona will also be covered. Other transport in Barcelona will be at the discretion of the students and not included in the fee, however taxis are inexpensive, and the metro system is easy to use.

      What is the cancellation policy?

      If you paid by credit card and the trip is cancelled by Adler & Marlow (partners with Sketching Spain) then all funds will be returned, less the 3% transaction fee within 30 days of cancellation. If you paid using Zelle (bank transfer system), then the full amount will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation notice. Note: refunds will only be issued if the trip is cancelled by Adler & Marlow based on government and health guidelines. Only the fees you paid for the trip will be refunded, we will not reimburse you for other costs such as airfare. This is why travel insurance is so important.

      If you cancel, then your deposit and fees are non-refundable. We strongly suggest each student purchase travel insurance as soon as they purchase their airline tickets.

      Should I purchase travel insurance?

      Yes, Yes, Yes! You are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance since the tour fees are non-refundable if you need to cancel or if you need to leave the trip for any reason. While airlines offer insurance, they generally are not covering Covid related cancellations. Please be aware that purchasing insurance is time sensitive; some companies require insurance to be purchased within 10 days of flight reservations. Adler & Marlow offers this affiliate link to a site that will help you compare policies. Check out “Tin Leg” which has gotten good reviews. (As an affiliate, Adler & Marlow will receive a small commission although you will not see any price increase)

      What if I have dietary restrictions?

      No problem! We are prepared for gluten free and vegetarian options and will survey participants for other dietary considerations before the trip and will accommodate everyone at all included meals.

      What meals are included?

      There is a total of 4 breakfasts, 4 “Spanish style” lunches and 3 dinners included in your fee. You will be well fed!

      What additional fees should we expect?

      We will cover your entrance fees to 5 locations on our itinerary: Besalu, Dali’s home, Hospital de Sant Pau, Park Guell and the Miro Museum. Students will pay for meals not listed above and any additional transportation in Barcelona that is not part of the tour. Additionally, Danny will suggest an amount to tip our coach driver and Dali expert (who will take us thru the Dali home). Teresa will collect the tips from students at the start of the trip (in Euros) so she can easily present them from the group. Any “add on” tours scheduled after our trip concludes will be an extra charge at the time of booking.

      How rigorous will the walking/touring be?

      Generally, students travel at their own pace when we are not working in a large group for sketching or on a formal tour. Many of the sketching locations are easily accessed but on un-even ground. If walking is an issue, we suggest bringing a fold-up walking stick for stability and comfy shoes. You will have a portable chair to bring along for sketching. The ground can get slick when wet. Students will also be expected to move their suitcases from the coach to their rooms, so it is important that you are in shape to move all your own luggage.

      Any packing suggestions?

      Travel light! Barcelona is fairly casual, as is the Costa Brava. You will have access to washer/dryers in your apartment in Barcelona so a small, carry-on suitcase will likely suffice. Comfy walking shoes and a light day pack to hold your art materials are a must. We will be driving on some windy roads along the coast so please bring motion support (Dramamine, etc) if you know you have difficulty in this area.

      Suggestions for keeping connected to folks at home?

      Please check with your individual phone carriers to determine the best plan. You will have access to WiFi in our hotel and apartment.


      How will we communicate with the group and guides while in Spain?

      We will stay connected on the trip thru WhatsApp which is a free phone app we would like you to download before arrival. We will share our cell numbers with the group so we can confirm meeting times, etc. during the adventure.


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      *Since Covid, we are all faced with a new reality of unpredictable events. We will try to cover the “what ifs” in this FAQ but travel, in general, always requires some flexibility and compassion. We will keep you informed if issues arise and ask that you communicate any concerns with us as soon as possible. Let us know if there are questions that we don’t answer here or if you wish for further clarification.