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       What is the difference between handmade paper and watercolor paper?

      The handmade paper is an acid-free, archival “rag” paper, meaning it’s made out of cotton fibers from recycled clothing. It is a highly-functional paper and is conducive for the use of the following different media: any ink, graphite, charcoal, soft pastel, pan pastel, crayon, clear gesso (to prime the paper for heavier media like permanent markers and watercolor).

      CAUTION!—The use of fountain pens and calligraphy pens is not recommended due to fibers clogging the nibs and other potentials for ink blotting and unsatisfactory results.

      The watercolor paper is acid-free and archival, is made by Fluid, and is 140-lb. cold-press. It is the most versatile paper in the world, on which you can use practically any medium: any ink, watercolor, watercolor pencil, acrylic paints, graphite, charcoal, soft pastel, pan pastel, oil pastel, crayon, markers, glue, and/or gesso, fountain pens, calligraphy pens, anything and everything.


      Do you make the paper?

        I do not make any of the papers I use. I purchase thousands of large “parent-size” sheets of archival handmade papers and watercolor paper from full-time, professional paper makers per year, and I tear the sheets down to my desired dimensions. Once I tear the sheets down to smaller leaves, I separate them, count them, stack them, fold them, poke holes in them and then stitch them to the leather.

        Where do you get your leather?

          Two or three times a year, I travel to the Amish country in Ohio and hand-select the cowhides from a family owned company by the traditional name of Weaver Leather. I also purchase hides online from Acadia Leather in Maine, who have a variety of different colors and interesting textures. No matter from where I shop, I choose the hides for their color, character, natural edges, and desired thickness and malleability. With a big table, a utility knife, and different kinds of rulers, I cut the hides down to the myriad of journal sizes I like to create.

          Where do you get the metal emblems that are on the cover of some of your journals?

            I make those metal plates. I use an acid-etching technique to create the designs as decorative components to accent some of the journals.

            YOUTUBE video:

            Are the journals refillable?

              Every journal is permanently bound using a binding cord that is resistant to the damaging effects of sunlight and moisture, and I use a binding style that is durable and meant to last many lifetimes. Being as such, all the journals I create are intended to be heirlooms and keepsakes, and you collect your journals over time.

              What are the care instructions for my journal?

                Keep the journal out of continuous/prolonged periods of direct sunlight, handle the journal so that the oils from your skin help keep the leather moist, and use the journal so that its pages don’t feel neglected!

                Do you make custom work?

                  I’d love to make a journal for you that fits your preferred dimensions, page-count, type of paper, and tan of leather! If you’d like me to decorate the front cover with one of my metal etchings or some other interesting emblem, please feel free to CONTACT ME and we’ll get the ball rolling on this!

                  Do you make/sell anything else besides journals?

                    It’s all about journals, baby. Awesome, tenacious, super-sweet, handmade leather-bound journals!