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      This is a list of all my confirmed shows for 2021, assuming there will be no further cancellations of festivals as the Covid-19 pandemic traverses into the New Year. There are a few shows not listed here because they have not juried yet for their 2021 event. I will update this list as more information becomes available to me. 
      I hope to see you in a city near YOU!  


      March 13-14
      Orange Beach, AL
      Orange Beach Festival of Art
      June 25-27
      Des Moines, IA
      Des Moines Arts Festival
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Ann Arbor Street Art Fair - The Original
      July 31-Aug 1
      Crested Butte, CO
      Crested Butte Arts Festival
      Aug 13-15
      Ketchum, ID
      Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival
      September 4-6
      Oklahoma City, OK
      Paseo Arts Festival
      September 18-19
      Denver, CO
      Denver Arts Festival
      September 24-26
      Memphis, TN
      Pink Palace Arts & Crafts Festival
      October 1-3
      Louisville, KY
      St James Court Art Show
      November 5-7
      Pensacola FL
      Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival
      November 13-14
      Covington, LA
      Covington Three Rivers Art Festival 
      Shows I've applied to and have yet to jury:
      Sweet Pea Festival (Bozeman, MT) -- August 6-8
      Colorado ArtFest at Castle Rock (Colorado) -- September 11-12
      Tennessee Craft (Nashville, TN) -- October 8-10
      Tempe Festival of Art (Tempe, AZ) -- December 3-5